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About Me

My name is Jayme Murphy and I am a recent graduate from the TUS, Athlone BA(Hons) Animation and Illustration course. I go by Jammaryllis online!

I have a very cutesy, lineless anime style that I use within my work. I work digitally for the most part and try to stick to drawing what I love whenever I have free time away from my college work. I am a huge mahou shoujo and Vocaloid fan so I include a lot of that kind of thing in my pieces!


My digital work is mostly designed for prints, stickers, badges and fanzines. Aside from digital I also felt things like earrings, small animals and other things! I mainly use animals or characters as my subject matter.

This site showcases my convention portfolio of prints, badge and sticker designs, thus a lot of my work here is based off pre-existing franchises.


I hope to add more original pieces as time goes on!

Megacon Table Setup.PNG
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